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Wok Wednesdays – Chinese American Cabbage with Bacon

Wok Wednesday, for me this week, fell on a Friday. What can I say? The alligators were a bit deep this week. Anyway, as always, the recipes are drawn from Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge and this time around, we got to choose… Continue reading

Link roundup for 19 April 2013

Some of the things I’ve found interesting around the Web this week. Imported rice may contain dangerously high lead levels I don’t eat a great deal of rice but when I do, it’s Indian basmati rice so this is of great concern to me. But… Continue reading

Greek Stir fry and the Uberburner makes it’s 2013 debut

As we all know, stir frying is about applying heat to food, a lot of heat. A home stove top is really kind of marginal and even a commercial stove isn’t that great. For comparison, an average home burner produces 10-12,000 BTU and a commercial… Continue reading

Link roundup for 5 April 2013

Mediterranean Diet Could Improve Food Security And Lower Grocery Costs, Study Finds I would have to wonder if it was the Mediterranean diet that lowered the costs or just learning how to cook? Stir fry cooking made easy with a quality wok to hand While… Continue reading

Recipe revisit – Chicken with Carrots and Mushrooms

As some of you may remember, this was a Wok Wednesday recipe that didn’t go so well for me. I got a hold of some better quality mushrooms and decided to remake the recipe but with some alterations¬† I don’t hate carrots but they certainly… Continue reading

Link roundup for 22 March 2013

Some of the things I’ve found interesting around the Web. Ozzy Osbourne on Failing as a Vegan: ‘I’m Eating More Meat Now Than Ever’ I don’t normally post vegan things here but for some reason, I just can’t stop chuckling at the idea of Ozzy… Continue reading

Wok Wednesday – Stir fried chicken with carrots and mushrooms

I have to admit, I approached this round’s recipe with more than a bit of trepidation. Carrots are by no means my favorite vegetable and they are a lot of them in this, Three cups in fact! Normally I’d replace chicken with seitan but, given… Continue reading

Link Roundup for 8 March 2013

Some things that caught my eye this week. Sushi Wok Nuova Darra No real content here, I just love the juxtaposition of sushi and wok. A dish known for it’s rawness and a method of cooking known for high heat. Maybe it makes more sense… Continue reading

A lower carb version of the Caribbean stir fry

I made my Caribbean stir fry to take into work tonight and I was pondering how I might save some carbs. I’d like to serve it over rice but, as a diabetic, I really have to watch how much rice I eat. As I thought… Continue reading

Wok Wednesday – Minced Pork in Lettuce Cups

The Wok Wednesday project this time around was Minced Pork in Lettuce Cups. For various reasons, not least of which was I forgot, Wok Wednesday fell on a Saturday this go round. They say forgetfulness is a sign of higher intelligence, that’s what I tell… Continue reading