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Wok Wednesday – Make your own adventure

I was feeling a bit under the weather Wednesday so I’m a day late. Sorry ’bout that. This time around we got to choose our own recipe to make and I decided to take another pass at my Cajun stir fry. Possibly the most interesting… Continue reading

Wok Wednesdays – Velvet Chicken with Asparagus

It’s back! After taking a Spring Break, Wok Wednesday has returned with a fresh new take on spring flavors. As always, the recipe comes from Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge and equally as always, I’ve changed the recipe around. Sorry Grace. I tried… Continue reading

Wok Wednesday – Stir fried chicken with carrots and mushrooms

I have to admit, I approached this round’s recipe with more than a bit of trepidation. Carrots are by no means my favorite vegetable and they are a lot of them in this, Three cups in fact! Normally I’d replace chicken with seitan but, given… Continue reading

A lower carb version of the Caribbean stir fry

I made my Caribbean stir fry to take into work tonight and I was pondering how I might save some carbs. I’d like to serve it over rice but, as a diabetic, I really have to watch how much rice I eat. As I thought… Continue reading

Caribbean stir fry

When I originally came up with the idea for this dish, I never imagined the hardest part would be finding Caribbean hot sauce! I wanted something that would capture the fresh, vibrant flavors of the region and include a bit of heat. I think I’ve… Continue reading

A BBQ Explosion! – China meets Memphis

After our latest Wok Wednesday adventure I started looking into what’s actually in hoisin sauce so I could try to make a low-carb version. While I still have that on the todo list, I was struck by the similarity of hoisin to barbeque sauce. They’re… Continue reading

Sometimes, life is good

Living out here in flyover country, it can be real easy to become jealous of those who live in major metropolitan areas. Folks who can always get the latest exotic produce. But, sometimes the gods of produce smile upon us. While I was walking through… Continue reading

Wok Wednesdays – Curried Tempeh

Our Wok Wednesday project this time out was Stir-fried Curried Beef. As always, the original recipe can be found in Grace Young’s Stir-Frying to the Sky’s Edge. As I was going to be the only one eating, I went ahead and veganized the recipe. I… Continue reading

Quickie Royal stir fry

Sometimes it’s fun to dig up genuine ethnic recipes and play with all the seasonings in the cabinet. Other times you just need to get some food on the table. Today was one of the latter. This particular dish was inspired by a recipe in… Continue reading