Link roundup for 5 April 2013

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Mediterranean Diet Could Improve Food Security And Lower Grocery Costs, Study Finds

I would have to wonder if it was the Mediterranean diet that lowered the costs or just learning how to cook?

Stir fry cooking made easy with a quality wok to hand

While it's nice to see an article about stir frying, there's a lot of misinformation in this one. I have never even come close to destroying a wok by overheating and I've gotten one of mine to glow before. And, no, no, no non-stick woks!

My Italian Wok

I love to see things about non-Chinese uses for a wok and this one is particularly well done.

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As a vegan and a diabetic, I am very much aware of the challenges faced by friends and family as they attempt to deal with dietary restrictions.
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