Link roundup for 19 April 2013

Chain linksSome of the things I've found interesting around the Web this week.

Imported rice may contain dangerously high lead levels

I don't eat a great deal of rice but when I do, it's Indian basmati rice so this is of great concern to me. But about all I can see to do is to buy high quality rice from a supplier you trust.

Turkey Fryer BTU's and Wok

An interesting question about how much heat do you really need for a good stir fry. I'm a little surprised that setting a wok directly onto hot charcoal didn't produce enough heat.

Swords into ploughshares (and vice versa)

A fun article from Fuchsia Dunlop about a company that's literally producing useful kitchen products from military debris. With recent events, it's very timely. Anybody know where I could find one of the knives?

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