Sometimes, life is good

Baby bok choyLiving out here in flyover country, it can be real easy to become jealous of those who live in major metropolitan areas. Folks who can always get the latest exotic produce. But, sometimes the gods of produce smile upon us.

While I was walking through the local mega-mart, I saw some lovely baby bok choy. And I felt moved to feature them in a dish. And as I was fighting a head cold, a chance to make one of the Thai dishes I always worried was too hot presented itself. So I decided to make some Pad Korat. I can say it was certainly hot. But what the hey, that's how it was advertised!Pad Korat

You can get the original recipe here from the folks at Import Food.

Sometimes, the gods of veg do smile down upon us. So keep your eyes open and maybe you too will get lucky!

About the Author:
As a vegan and a diabetic, I am very much aware of the challenges faced by friends and family as they attempt to deal with dietary restrictions.
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