Wok Wednesday – Stir Fried Chili Scallops

Chili ScallopsThis is a placeholder for the Wok Wednesday event. The recipe, from Grace Young's Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge, calls for baby bok choy. Around here, trying to find any sort of exotic produce is a bit of a crap shoot. And this time I came up snake eyes. All is not lost, I have found baby bok choy before, so I'll keep looking.

Matt hasn't posted the location to find other folk's versions so I'll update this with that information. And hopefully the produce gods will smile upon me so I can include my version as well!

UPDATE: You can find out how other folks did  by visiting here.

UPDATE the second: The produce gods found me worthy and I was able to find some baby bok choy. And the delay also allowed me to order some better chili bean paste online.

So, what went right and what went wrong?

Mushroom ScallopsWell, first off I replaced the scallops with scallops I made from mushrooms. An apple corer and a few minutes made for a quite acceptable scallop substitute. The sauce was wonderful. About the only thing I could think of to change would be to add a bit of Sichuan pepper. But then I love Sichuan pepper.

So what didn't go so well? Mushrooms can stand quite a bit more cooking time than scallops so next time I'll add the aromatics to the bok choy and pepper instead of the mushrooms. Bluntly, they burnt and I had to stop midway through and remove the burnt bits. Not an ideal stir fry.

I also don't think I trimmed the bok choy enough. Normally I love bok choy for having both a crunchy bit and some lovely greens. In this dish, I don't think the greens were wanted and I should have trimmed them off and saved them for another time.

The final verdict? Another great recipe and a chance to learn more about my favorite cooking technique.

And now I need to find something to do with those mushroom doughnuts I've made. Pate, anyone?

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