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Wok Wednesday – Make your own adventure

I was feeling a bit under the weather Wednesday so I’m a day late. Sorry ’bout that. This time around we got to choose our own recipe to make and I decided to take another pass at my Cajun stir fry. Possibly the most interesting… Continue reading

Timeshifting your food

I can remember when I got my first VCR. I was in college at the time so it must have been the mid-80’s. I was a huge fan of Moonlighting and it aired on Tuesday nights. And I had a night class on Tuesdays so… Continue reading

Link roundup for 15 March 2013

What I found interesting around the Internet this week. How Low is Low Carb? The next post in the series looking at low carb eating. Aimed at diabetics but of interest to anyone looking at low carb eating.


Just a few quick notes about some changes that are happening on the site. First off, I’m sure you’ve noticed a new theme. I really like the clean new look. I’m still working my way through all the different options so if you notice anything… Continue reading

A tale of a shopping trip gone awry

A tale about cooking in the face of adversity, or at least un-stocked shelves
Continue reading

The Wok love is in the air!

In Praise of Leftovers penned an ode to their wok, hopefully by now the romance has blossomed! (h/t) Grace Young and the crew at Wok Wednesday